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little Miss Mama DIY project with Barter Bay

It’s no secret I love a good DIY Furniture Project.

I’ve done my fair share of DIY Projects, where I take something old and make it new again. Like this Little Tikes House we made over, or this Vintage Tea Pot we tuned into a vase. These are absolutly the best, most fullfilling projects to tackle. Not only are you helping our environment by recycling something that was destin for the landfill, but in most cases it doesn’t cost much.

It’s why today I want to introduce you to Barter Bay. A website and app that allows you to buy, sell, and trade second-hand goods with real people in your community. Barter Bay makes it easy to sell what you don’t need or trade for something more useful. A Vancouver start-up company, Barter Bay is doing their part in minimizing our environmental footprints while helping their community live a more sustainable life. They’ve made the second-hand market, more accessible.

Now, let’s get started on how to tackle your next DIY Furniture Project.

First things first;

Find a piece to repurpose. Get creative, it doesn’t have to be used for what it’s original intension was for. Like my friend Andria at The Cheerio Diaries who made this gorgeous entrance bench out of a headboard and some wood.

Visit a local second-hand store or better yet, go virtual and find a second-hand site like Barter Bay. Looking right now, they has a ton of great pieces for sale with some serious makeover potential. YOU GUYS! your next DIY Furniture Project is waiting. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself!

I can spot a few pieces that SCREAM makeover. Take this dining room table for example. Priced at $20, and in great condition, I’d say all this needs is a bit of paint. Or this adorable childrens Seesaw priced at $20. Someone with an artistic eye could even tackle this and re-sell it; with me as the buyer! I’ve never met a picture frame I didn’t love. This one for $10 would be perfect painted and either repurposed as a mirror, a corkboard or even a serving platter, jewelry holder or knick-knack shelf.

The more I look on Barter Bay, the more I realize I need to make more time for DIY Projects. I mean, don’t get me started on how many fun things I could do with this Vintage Accordion. Or a stack of books for $2 each. One look on Pinterest says I could make this gorgeous wall shelfperfect for the girls bedroom.

Let me tell you;

I’ve got so many friends locally who craft and they’re incredible at it I may add. Our friend Stacey at A Dad In The Burbs made this phenominal Farmhouse Kitchen Tablefrom some old wood and iron pipes. Then there’s Janette from Ava to Zoe who repurposed an IKEA bed, giving it a fresh coat of white paint and some adorable drapery. How about Samantha who writes over at This West Coast Mommy who turned an old coffee table into this chic ottoman. These friends of mine clearly know what they’re doing.

This post was JUST what I needed to get back in the DIY game. A little reminder of the things I onced loved and have forgotten to make time for. A sense a project coming you guys! A DIY is on the horizon so stay tuned! Thanks Barter Bay for giving me the inspiration I needed to get back to doing something I truly love. Go download their app now (itunes and Google Play) and be inspired for your next DIY. 


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